Life of a Blogger #2: Embarrassing Things


Life of a Blogger is a weekly
meme hosted by Jessi at Novel Heartbeat. Each week she will choose a subject (scheduled in advance) NovelHeartbeat
and all participating bloggers will talk about that part of their life. The topics will be non-bookish and it will give me a chance to talk about me and my life so that you can get to know me better on a more personal level.

This post usually comes out on Thursday but I’ve chosen to do it on Monday instead. I will be catching up on the older posts of this meme soon every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month on “Catch up Wednesday’s: Life of a Blogger”. 


Last week’s topic was: Siblings


A lot of things embarrass me because I can be a pretty shy person, I have low self-esteem issues (because I was bullied for YEARS over my weight) and I suffer from an anxiety disorder. It’s all the opposite of my personality, which is big and loud, I laugh at everything and I LOVE bugging people and making them laugh. Here’s my list:

  1. Any time I’m the centre of attention in public, with many people. My wedding speech was one of my worst experiences EVER! My husband had to hold my hand while I cried, convince me it was okay and that I would do good. That was so horrible.
  2. I have a filthy mouth and swear a lot but I have respect and I hate when I’m in a public place and the people with me swear really loudly.
  3. When people start randomly singing or dancing in public, like what the hell are you doing? Shut up and sit down!!! I may laugh my ass off but it still embarrasses me.
  4. When I say something private to someone, they don’t click it in and they repeat it out loud.
  5. When I use the women’s public wash room and don’t realize I have toilet paper stuck on my shoe (because women are disgusting!).
  6. Being OCD, if there’s a typo in what I write I panic because I think someone might read that blasphemous mistake, haha.
  7. I hate when I make a joke and no one laughs or gets it and they get awkward. I’m hilarious, how could this happen?!
  8. I’m really clumsy sometimes, not the falling type but more the; knock stuff over, run into things and almost fall many times a day type.
  9. When I say something really funny and people are laughing like crazy which makes me laugh harder… Only to realize they are laughing at something else. 😦

I procrastinated with this post so, I’m surprised I got this many. I came up with a few when I looked through other people’s embarrassing moments. I’m not as embarrassed by things any more because I have a very big “screw everyone else” outlook on life. I cared too much about what others thought in the past and now I just live my life and enjoy it as best as I can.

About The Dark Reading Room

I LOVE reading and I have hundreds of awesome books on my bookshelf. I started blogging so I could connect with like-minded people and share my thoughts on what I read with others. I’m pretty open minded when it comes to reading, I enjoy reading anything like; true crime, biographies and so on but my favourite genre is YA paranormal books. Non-book related things: I’m a metalhead, I love going to concerts, some of my favourite TV shows are Supernatural, True Blood, Walking Dead, Vampire Diaries, Firefly... I’m a hardcore gamer and play games like COD, Halo, Gears of War, Borderlands, Final Fantasy, The Last of Us, Dead Rising and much more!

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  1. Aww. My best friend and I love to randomly dance and sing out loud in public. We do it if a song we know comes on the speaker system in a store. Ha ha. Life adventure I call it.


  2. My best friend and I randomly sing and dance out loud if we hear a song we know in the shopping mall. Just having a little fun.


  3. lol I don’t know why but I’m just shy about that kind of stuff. If there’s no one around then I don’t care so much because it’s funny. I may start singing but the dancing part would never happen!


  4. I will try to remember some of that stuff when we hang out, but I don’t think I’ve done any of it so far to embarrass you (hopefully). I don’t mind people randomly dancing and singing out of nowhere since two of my coworkers do it, but I’m too shy to do it myself lol.


    • Nah, you don’t do stuff like that thankfully. Ha, that’s good. I just seem to have experiences where people do that to embarrass me on purpose or try to get me to participate so I’m too shy for that and get embarrassed. As long as people have fun though, it’s okay!


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