Life of a Blogger #3: Collections


Life of a Blogger is a weekly
meme hosted by Jessi at Novel Heartbeat. Each week she will choose a subject (scheduled in advance) NovelHeartbeat
and all participating bloggers will talk about that part of their life. The topics will be non-bookish and it will give me a chance to talk about me and my life so that you can get to know me better on a more personal level.

This post usually comes out on Thursday but I’ve chosen to do it on Monday instead. I will be catching up on the older posts of this meme soon every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month on “Catch up Wednesday’s: Life of a Blogger”.


Last week’s topic was: Embarrassing Things


This is actually a pretty fun topic in my opinion. I chose to go with the 3 main collections that are in my life but also, easily accessible (I didn’t feel like running around everywhere in my whole house). I’m proud to show what’s mine and I look forward to seeing what other people have. I was going to talk about makeup, nail stuff, jewellery and vacation memories but that may be a little much in one shot. I’ll just hope that a post subject with those specific topics (I sent a suggestion for a beauty stuff topic) comes up in the future!


My bookshelf of amazingness, haha. It’s double stacked and it’s actually alphabetical behind the first row. My addiction got so overwhelming that I just started placing them wherever they fit! I have about 160 books on here and I’ve read maybe 1/4. Needless to say, I’m on a book buying ban it’s been about a year and a half now because I’m trying to get through my hundreds of physical books I own and the 200+ I have on my Kindle (free one’s I recently got, bad me!).


New books I got recently (meaning in the past year, lol). Half I bought on Chapters and half were given to me by my best friend Kelsey <3. These have yet to make their way into my bookshelf because I’ve run out of room. I’m buying a bigger bookshelf very soon and hope to place them ALL alphabetically!


These are my video games! There’s a bunch missing (Wii stuff mainly) but as you can obviously see; I love Xbox! If you’ve read my last Feature and Follow post about Guilty Pleasures… I love Xbox much more than any other console and out of the about 70 games here; there’s only 11 Playstation games. My husband and I love to get the newest games but we’ve been on a video game buying ban (maybe we both have a problem then…) for about a year. We are forcing ourselves to play the games we own because we kinda had a problem with buying new games and never opening them, ha that’s horrible.


Movies and Blu-rays, I stopped buying them a few years ago because everything is on Netflix now or cable. Plus, I have other perfectly healthy obsessions to spend my money on instead!

I also have a big CD “shelf” from when my husband and I used to buy them all the time but ya, that stopped a good 6 years ago now because there was no point any more. So, here’s the main things I collect and I hope you enjoyed this post.

*Update: After noticing how many things people were writing that they collected… I realized, I may have a problem. I also collect: Penguins!!!, shoes, Asian decorations, purses, clothes and as mentioned above^: jewellery, makeup, nail stuff…

What are some of the things you collect?

About The Dark Reading Room

I LOVE reading and I have hundreds of awesome books on my bookshelf. I started blogging so I could connect with like-minded people and share my thoughts on what I read with others. I’m pretty open minded when it comes to reading, I enjoy reading anything like; true crime, biographies and so on but my favourite genre is YA paranormal books. Non-book related things: I’m a metalhead, I love going to concerts, some of my favourite TV shows are Supernatural, True Blood, Walking Dead, Vampire Diaries, Firefly... I’m a hardcore gamer and play games like COD, Halo, Gears of War, Borderlands, Final Fantasy, The Last of Us, Dead Rising and much more!

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  1. Yay for books, and I hope you do get a bigger bookshelf soon! Then you can display them all and I can borrow them too hehe. And yay for Xbox games! You’ve started getting me into those too, I love that system 🙂 Great collections! I mostly have my bookshelf, which you’ve seen.


  2. Wow, I’m jealous of some of your books! Theres a few on there I have yet to buy and that’s just the front rows. Did you know Hidden (House of Night) is on your 3rd shelf when the rest are top left corner? Just thought I’d point that out ;). In our house it’s ps3 games and DVDs, I do have an xbox but only have 8 games (I think, maybe 10). You collect penguins too? I absolutely love penguins! Why didn’t I think of that! They’re my fav animal (along with tigers). Now I’m going to have to start a new collection.

    Thanks for sharing xD


    • Ha, thanks! 🙂 lol Yep, at one point when my books were actually organized, they were all together haha. I have no clue what I did to make them such a mess!

      Playstation is fun too, It’s just a preference. Do you play video games?

      I LOVE penguins! They are my favourite animal as well, I wish I could own one lol New collections are good, sometimes… Unless you collect too much like me. :S


  3. Euurgghhh… I’m on my iPad and it won’t let me reply so I’ll just make a new one haha.

    Mine were all organised at one point too but aren’t any longer. I don’t know what happens to get them all messed up. When I get my new bookcase I’ll have to put them all on properly 🙂

    I do, not on consoles very often though. I’m a PC gamer. COD, Counter-Strike, Battlefield (stuff like that), but the main one is World of Warcraft at the moment. I’m hooked on it :/

    So do I. If I win the lottery I’m going to build a house on lots of land and have a massive swimming pool and get one (it’s on my bucket list) haha. I do collect too much 😦 but I can’t help myself. I’m a hoarder too so I can never throw things away. There’s not enough space in my house :/.


    • Haha, that works for me. :)Bad iPad!

      That’s exactly what I’m thinking for when I get a new bookcase, I guess It’s just a common book lover problem to mess up our shelves and then always need more!

      Ah okay, PC gaming is pretty cool too but I mainly play things like Sim City or Sims 3. I’ve never actually tried FPS’s on PC but I’ve heard It’s better then console. I’ve never really played WOW but everyone seems addicted!

      Oh my gosh, if anyone would EVER be able to do that and get a penguin I would be so jealous! That sounds awesome. I would probably cry a lot lol My husband and family used to think I was joking when I said I wanted one… They’ve smartened up since then. 🙂

      lol You hit it right on the nail! I’m exactly the same and I just cannot stop myself from collecting, then NEVER throwing anything away. I need a super-sized mansion to started beginning to satisfy my collecting needs but I’d probably outgrow it in a few years, haha.


  4. lol YES on the books, but I went with the more sappy feelings (the three I did were books, quotes, and my “happy box”) type of things for my collections. I am such a sap lol!
    I don’t really watch movies, which is…good? bad? of me? IDK LOL!


    • Not at all! Yours were fun and especially your quotes 🙂 That does not make you a sap, everyone has their own thing and I’ve seen a lot of random one’s. I just happen to be very electronics and stuff focused.

      That’s so odd (no offence meant at all) that you don’t really watch movies! I don’t know if I’ve ever really met anyone who doesn’t but that’s okay, It’s really about whatever you like and that’s not bad of you at all!


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