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#10 Industrial Magic


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Title: Industrial Magic (Women of the Otherworld #4)

Author: Kelley Armstrong

Release Date/Publisher: Published January 26th 2010 by Vintage Canada (first published October 26th 2004)

Own: Trade Paperback (528 pages)

Finished: June 7th 2014

Series: Women of the Otherworld

  1. Bitten
  2. Stolen
  3. Dime Store Magic
  4. Industrial Magic
  5. Haunted
  6. Broken
  7. No Humans Involved
  8. Personal Demon
  9. Living with the Dead
  10. Frostbitten
  11. Waking the Witch
  12. Spellbound
  13. Thirteen


Synopsis from GoodReads:

In the aftermath of her mother’s murder, Paige broke with the elite, ultraconservative American Coven of Witches. Now her goal is to start a new Coven for a new generation. But while Paige pitches her vision to uptight thirty-something witches in business suits, a more urgent matter commands her attention.

Someone is murdering the teenage offspring of the underworld’s most influential Cabals — a circle of families that makes the mob look like amateurs. And none is more powerful than the Cortez Cabal, a faction Paige is intimately acquainted with. Lucas Cortez, the rebel son and unwilling heir, is none other than her boyfriend. But love isn’t blind, and Paige has her eyes wide open as she is drawn into a hunt for an unnatural-born killer. Pitted against shamans, demons, and goons, it’s a battle chilling enough to make a wild young woman grow up in a hurry. If she gets the chance.

rating-iconA Little Something About Me and My Thoughts…rating-icon

I really enjoyed this book, despite the reviews/comments I read from a lot of people saying this was their least favourite book in the series. It took me a bit longer to read because it’s 500 pages, which is insane but I loved it. There was a lot that went on in this book and I found it hard to separate some details from this book and the others so I hope I don’t get 2 books mixed up!


One of the main reasons I really liked this book is because you really get thrown into the world of the Cabal. Everything you were wondering in Dime Store Magic about the Cabal is brought a bit more to light in this book. You realize that they aren’t that much different then the others, other than more power, resources and more twisted.

This book is very Paige and Lucas focused and I don’t understand why people have such hate for Paige! I really like her personality because she does what she wants and screw everyone else. As for Lucas, I can’t put my finger on why I’m constantly thinking how fun and cute he is with his mannerisms. Benicio (Lucas’s father) comes off as such a dick but, as the story progresses you see how much he loves his son and wants to be a part of his life. His bodyguard; Troy was a frequent character that I liked because he seems like he would be super serious all the time but he ends up being pretty cool and funny at times. There’s many characters in this book (a lot of new one’s) so I’m focusing on favourite and least. Jamie; a newer character is awesome because she’s a necromancer, which in itself is amazing! She’s such a good-hearted person and everyone pays attention to her because she’s so out there with her personality. Now for my least favourite… Cassandra which if you read my Dime Store Magic review, you would know that I DID NOT like her one bit. She’s still a cold and calculated bitch but you learn about the life she’s lived and some of the personal issues she’s struggling with which, makes you sympathize a bit more with her. That’s not even mentioning the other 15+ characters you meet!

Cabal kids are getting killed off and Benecio asks Lucas and Paige for help with the most recent child attacked, which is a witch who’s in a coma. Hesitant to deal with the Cabal, they only agree after learning the full details and seeing her and that opens a whole can of worms. Kids start getting killed one after another and no one has a clue who’s doing it. Jamie is involved by communicating with the dead kids/people and research, when she starts being haunted and it seems to be related to the Cabal issue. That makes her a big part of the story, which has some of my favourite parts because I was literally laughing from some of the things that happened. The focus switches to vampires for a while when Cassandra comes into the picture and the werewolves get involved near the end which made for an exciting ending because they are the definition of hunters. It was fun seeing how all these supernaturals work together. I noticed that Savannah is not really a part of this story which surprised me because it was about magic but it was a more adult focused this time, which was a good change of pace.

If you like witches, vampires, sorcerers, werewolves, necromancer, clairvoyants… This is the book for you, it’s action packed the whole way through and there’s A LOT of elements to this story and it keeps you intrigued the entire way through.



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  1. I’m glad you got to this book already! I actually remember liking it even more my second time reading. I didn’t like Paige when I first read this series but I really did this time. But my favourite is still the one with Jaime being the main girl 🙂


  2. I love this series – I’ve never seen that version of the cover it’s so cool though i don’t know how well I think it fits the book itself.


    • I own this version of the book and I agree, It’s a cool look. It’s different than most book covers,I find Its just a bit more simple but also dark and witchy seeming (I guess because of the striped stockings?) so, I like it. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!


  3. Becca @ Shih Tzu Book Reviews

    Lucas is my all time favourite character in this series, purely because he isn’t bad in any way and he is just such a gentleman all the time 🙂 I love my little sorcerer lawyer


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