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Title: Gateway to Faerie (Gateway to Faerie #1)

Author: M.D. Bowden

Release Date/Publisher: Published July 15th 2013

Own: Kindle (269 pages)

Started: June 21st 2014

Finished: June 29th 2014

Series: Gateway to Faerie

  1. Gateway to Faerie
  2. Bell Stone


Synopsis from GoodReads:

Set two hundred years after the world has been destroyed by a terrifying faerie invasion, Fayth Blackman is busy studying for her final exams. She has no idea that a gateway has opened to the land of Faerie and that dark haunting creatures are filtering through into her own world. But then tragedy strikes and her life turns upside down. She finds out that she is the descendent of a powerful faerie, and that the key to closing the gateway is in her blood. She must embark on a dangerous quest to find the Bell Stone, and with it stop the world from being destroyed once more. But can she make it in time?

Follow Fayth on her quest for the Bell Stone in ‘Gateway to Faerie.

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I got this for free on Amazon and out of all the one’s I’ve gotten for free lately, this one has been the most disappointing. I thought I would enjoy it because the setup for the story was really good but it just kept dragging on and on. I went to see the cover for the second book in the series and It’s the same cover as this but made a couple of shades darker… I actually kept notes on this book because I kept forgetting what it was about every time I put it down.


I didn’t connect with Fayth at all, she was a tough character who took control almost the entire time but there was just something about her personality that was boring and not memorable. Dillon just drops everything in his life to follow Fayth on this trip (I don’t understand how he did this without much thought towards his father, who he NEVER brings up) and he’s nothing but good, supportive and resourceful the entire way. The only “good” full-blooded faerie in this book is Rowan and I didn’t get him, he was a big part of the story around the beginning, really shy and nice. Then as it progressed, he seemed cocky and blended into the story so much that I would forget he was a part of it.

After the tragedy Fayth witnesses, she meets Rowan who’s a little confusing with his unexplained lack of patience. He keeps his face hidden basically the whole time which we never find out why, which makes no sense considering it comes off when enemies are near. I get the feeling at some points he may have liked her but that was never developed further.

The story reminded me of playing Zelda or Final Fantasy, it was completely random with so many attempts to make things exciting. I was irritated by how many different types of faeries there were and with absolutely no details given about them. There’s about 10 faeries I read about and I can’t tell you what any are called or what they do. The group literally spends almost the entire book hiding and standing around for hours, instead of fighting anything except smaller faeries. Fayth is basically the only decision maker as both men are useless, they always let her go first and decide everything. They walk for a week straight besides sleeping for a few hours, how can you do that?! They seem to be the luckiest people alive for finding food and her having an apparently limitless supply of water purification tablets. The whole book seems to be only about them walking where they need to go…

Things get confusing as they enter the city because she says people probably haven’t used the sewage system for hundreds of years yet, there’s broken traffic lights all over… The pull she feels towards the Bell Stone is super odd, it guides her through twists and turns and doors, rather than just in a general direction. After all that, the “big ending” lasts a few minutes and they just pack their stuff and say “let’s go home”. How unrealistic, I really did not like the ending!

I tried enjoying the book but I just couldn’t and I probably won’t be reading the rest of the series. It dragged on too much with barely any excitement and ended too abruptly. It also needs to be edited some more because there are still random grammar errors. 



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