Review: A Dark Faerie Tale Series Omnibus by Alexia Purdy



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This Omnibus was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review. I decided to write a review for each book individually.

Title: A Dark Faerie Tale Series Omnibus Edition

Author: Alexia Purdy

Published: July 7th 2013 by Lyrical Lit. Publishing

Own (Review Copy): Kindle (588 pages)

Started: July 29, 2014

Finished: September 16, 2014


  1. Evangeline
  2. Ever Shade
  3. Ever Fire
  4. Ever Winter
  5. The Cursed
  6. Ever Wrath (not included in Omnibus)

Synopsis from GoodReads:

Shade is thrown into the Land of Faerie when she meets a mysterious Teleen warrior, made of fire and electricity. Sent on a journey to obtain a rare magic only she can wield to save the Seelie forces against the Unseelie armies, she discovers her unique inner magic and possibly a difficult choice in love.

The Unseelie Queen Aveta is not one to trifle with. She hunts Shade down for her own devices and will destroy everything Shade loves to get what she wants.

After barely escaping the clutches of the Unseelie and stripped of her newfound magic, Shade journeys to the Ice Kingdom, The Great Divide, to hopefully retrieve her bound up powers from an Ancient Faerie King named Corb− but loses her memories instead. Alongside her body-guard Dylan, a former Captain of the Teleen Guard, she lays havoc to the Ice King’s fortress and forces their return to the Teleen kingdom. Hurrying to reach the Southern Realm, Shade claims her rightful throne and prepares for the upcoming battle with the Unseelie army.

rating-iconA Little Something About Me and My Thoughts…rating-icon

I summarized all my individual book reviews for the author just so I could have a review of the whole Omnibus. The reviews will be coming out individually in the next couple months. It took me longer than I expected to read this and initially I wasn’t super fond of the first 2 books but in the end, everything melded together properly and I loved the whole Omnibus. I enjoyed that there weren’t too many characters to focus on at a time and that they were really strong characters. It was very well written, exciting and action packed but most of all, I loved the amazing story build up for each book. These were some of the best faerie books I’ve read and I would definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys reading about them.


Evangeline (#0.5) – 3 Stars:
Vange felt a constant pull towards the forest her whole life but avoided going in due to unknown dangers. The day her and her sister Jade decided to enter it they they both ended up meeting a man, Vange it’s Jack and Jade it’s Veneris. The story rushes forward after this and Vange disappears almost entirely from it. I felt like not enough was learned about who they are, some details should have been more obvious and not so rushed but it was a good story.

Ever Shade (#1) – 4 Stars:
Fast-forward 18 years later to Shade, who’s voices in her head pester her to go into an abandoned building where there is a man and woman fighting. The man Jack is a Teleen faerie who asks her to follow him to Faerie, which she bravely and stupidly does without any questions asked… There she learns it’s her destiny to help the land of faerie and must go on a journey with a group of warriors who vow to protect her. Right away she has chemistry with Soap, a cute half Teleen with a goofy character. Once in Teleen the guards attempt to intimidate and harass them, the worst are the head guard Dylan and his brother Darren who see her as a weak half-faerie. Afterwards, she’s tested in many ways but in the end learns she can trust certain people. It was one of my least favourite books but some really good and memorable parts were in it so it was definitely worth the read.

Ever Fire (#2) – 5 Stars:
Shade’s powers are growing, as is her annoyance with Dylan and their blood bind. He’s nicer but really jealous of Soap or anyone who gives her attention. Soap is in love with Shade and asks her to be his girlfriend which she reluctantly agrees to despite not being sure if she wants to be with him or Dylan… Then, she runs into quite a few problems with Evangeline, who we find out is her aunt and Corb who will stop at nothing to capture Shade. Soap’s patience wears thin near the end when she still doesn’t love him fully so, he tells her to figure out what she wants. I was happy that many things I was wondering about all along, finally came to light, it was a good book.

Ever Winter (#3) – 5 Stars:
Shade is being nursed back to health by Dylan and Soap after being tortured for weeks and having her powers bound. Afterwards, she is brought near the brink of death but learns she could heal herself if the bind is removed but she and Dylan get trapped and her life gets put in danger even more. They end up in Teleen where the Teleen men show up to court her because she’s fire resistant but instead something super exciting happens! Once at the summer castle, she defeated the current queen easily and began to preparing for war with Aveta’s army of evil which ended in tragic loses for their group. The ending made me tear up but it was so good! I liked Shade better with each book, especially as she got more powerful and assertive as she gained more knowledge about the faerie world. This was my favourite book out of all of them.

The Cursed (#3.5) – 5 Stars:
This book was almost entirely on Arthas, the Unseelie Ancient and king of all dark things. He’s Aveta’s (the Unseelie Queen) great, great, great… grandfather and they both have evil intentions but he’s crazy evil, powerful, cruel and super pissed off. He was enslaved to his tomb by Corb, the Winter Ice King, Kilara the Summer Queen and Rowan who is Kilara’s sister. Corb and Kilara are Ancient Seelie lovers who’s relationship details really came to light in this book. It was nice to get away from Shade and get more of a perspective on other characters.



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